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Nanotech Blankets

Nanotech Blankets

Our unique and patent pending Blankets are made using scientific fabric which not only insulates heat loss, keeping the water warm but also transfers heat from the sun to the water. The heat is then retained using advanced technology.
Our blankets are handmade and have specialized re-enforced brass rivets along all seems. Making them the strongest and most robust on the market.

Get the leading pool cover in the industry

Easy install

The Nanotech Blanket is custom made to fit your pool which makes installation easy.

Long Life

Our blankets are based on nanotechnology materials. This is the ultimate fabric for heat retention and absorbtion and will simply outlast any other pool blanket on the market. When you buy a Nanotech Blanket you buy it for life.

Nanotech Blanket Case Study

  1. The heater was turned off at 18H00 on day one and two, with day three being turned off 3 hours earlier than day one and two, due to desired heat having already been attained with Nanotech Blanket on.
  2. Red line (no blanket) shows that the pool cooled down dramatically once the heater was turned off, having only attained a max heat of nearly 38.2 degrees and losing most of its heat over the next 14 hours.
  3. The green line shows the pool with the Nanotech Blanket on, heated to nearly 41 degrees in the allotted time and was still reading nearly 34 degrees after 14 hours.
  4. Day two (black line) shows the pool reaching a temperature of 43.5 degrees at 15H00, at which time the heater was turned off, due to a dramatical exponential rise in temperature. After 17 hours with no heater, the water was still sitting at 34.2 degrees with the Nanotech Blanket on.

Leopard Pool Blankets are the leaders in the pool industry, trust us and get a product for life!

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