Keep Your Pool Clean

Reduce Heat Loss

Nano Tech Solar Shields

Nano Tech Solar Shields

Nano Tech Solar Shields are made from our patent-pending Nano Tech fabric, which is extremely robust and lasts in excess of 10 to 15 years if maintained correctly.
The fabric is sealed with our unique waterproof shield making them easy to clean and edged in black 500gsm PVC. They are designed to float on the surface and the black UV absorbent colour absorbs the heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool.

Cost effective pool cover solution.

Save on chemicals

The Nano Tech Solar Sheilds retard water evaporation and save on chemical use. High UV resistant fabric specifically designed for the South African climate.

Keeps your pool clean

You also benefit from a clean pool as dirt and dust is kept out.


Our covers are unique to the leopard pool blanket range and are possibly the only truly eco-friendly cover on the market. They do not disintegrate or tear like the common Solar bubble range, thus assisting in keeping our oceans and environment pollution-free.

Leopard pool blankets strive to protect our Oceans, Rivers, Environment and water systems.

Choosing our covers is a step towards protecting our resources

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