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Leopard Pool Blankets is the leading provider of pool cover solutions. Our solutions help with heat retention as well as pool safety..

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Our mission

To be the prefered provider across South Africa when it comes to pool cover solutions by providing quality products and services of the highest standards.


All our products carry a quality guarentee, ensuring that our customers get the best value for money solution.

Our people

When you engage with our staff, you are engaging in over 25 years of experience in the pool industry. Assuring you of the right choice and advice.

Pool Cover Solutions

Our primary focus is to provide effective, excellent products and services..

Nanotech Blankets

Our unique and patent pending Blankets are made using scientific fabric which not only insulates heat loss, keeping the water warm but also transfers heat from the sun to the water. The heat is then retained using advanced technology.

Slatted Poly-carbonate Pool Cover

Made with durable polycarbonate materials, which creates an impenetrable surface that can also take on the weight of an adult. The slates tuck away neatly into an automated roll-up station. Cut back on expenses by eliminating heat loss and evaporation.

Super Bubble

Super Bubble technology combined with the careful development of the UV stabilizers and other additives creates a sustainable and innovative high-performance cover. The bubble is much larger that the standard bubble and comes with a 18 month guarentee.

Solid Pool Covers

The Solid Pool cover is made from durable heavy duty UV-resistant PVC, which is reinforced by aluminium poles. The sturdy build of the Solid Covers ensures that your pool area is child and pet friendly.

Nano Tech Solar Shields

The Nano Tech Solar Shield is an entry-level, cost-effective way of keeping your pool clean, reducing evaporation and saving on chemical usage.

Roll Up Stations

Our unique RUS comes with a lifting arm which lifts the blanket off the pool. This prevents the covers from wear and tear from the coping on the edges of the pool.

Pool Safety Nets

Pool Safety Nets are a cost-effective and quick solution to prioritising safety around your pool. The net takes only five minutes to put on and take off.

Solid Leaf Catchers

Leaf catchers are a great substitute for those people not wanting solid vinyl PVC covers. They assist in keeping debris out of the pool and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Standard traditional leaf catchers take time to put on and take off Pools. Our unique pole and ratchet system makes life very easy for our clients.


Our covers are unique to the leopard pool blanket range and are possibly the only truly eco friendly cover on the market. They do not disintegrate or tear like the common Solar bubble range, thus assisting in keeping our oceans and environment pollution free.

Leopard pool blankets strive to protect our Oceans, Rivers, Environment and water systems.
Choosing our covers is a step towards protecting our resources.

Solution design and implementation

Tailored solutions designed to meet your needs now and in the future.
  • 1

    Site specifications

    Information gathering on specifications of the site. For bigger projects, an onsite inspection will be carried out.

  • 2


    Each project is handled individually as each site requirements differ. Quality assurance ensures that every cover manufactured meets project requirements.

  • 3

    Delivery & Installation

    Once your pool cover is fabricated, it is tested and delivered to your doorstep for self-installation or onsite installation, depending on the product.

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